Our Core Values

This document will grow and change as our vision catalyzes.

Feedback is encouraged. We want to be as open as a company as we are with our software.


Software tools should be sustainable to use long term. Open source helps keep organizations sustainable by reducing costs and maintenance, but many tools end up requiring more maintenance and time.


Software tools should empower users to do more with less.

Less time. Less complexity. Less maintenance.


Software tools should increase the ability for people to participate.

The more human-readable your code, the more user-friendly your tools, the easier your platform is to use, the more people will be able to participate.

If platform tools are written in the same languages and patterns as your applications, then development teams can contribute much more easily.


Collaboration on infrastructure and platforms is key to a healthy culture of innovation.

All who work in web technology have the same problems: how to easily develop, test, deploy, and scale our products.

Almost every business and organization solves these same problems on different ways.

We share open source tools, but there is no open source platform for solving all of these problems put off the box.


Full scalability is achievable with 100% free software, but it is far from easy.

We believe the world deserves easy scalability from free software.


Software tools should make it easier for less-technical people to participate.