Open is Good.

is Good

OpenDevShop Inc offers software and services that radically improve Drupal development, operations & management across data centers and the cloud.

Host Anywhere

Fully Open Source, DevShop can be installed on any Linux Machine.

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Good for Developers

All the git-powered cloud deployment features a pro Drupal developer requires, plus:

  • Click to Login, Buttons for Downloading Modules, Exporting Config, & Committing Code.
  • Unlimited environments on any branch or tag. Automatically creates one for each Pull Request.
  • Behat testing with easy to read logs.

Good for Agencies

Manage all of your Drupal projects and developers in one place while radically reducing your QA maintenance budget.

  • Automated hosting and testing out of the box: No jenkins configuration or deploy scripts needed.
  • Enforce best practices with codified processes.
  • Create Environments for any reason, even for demos: show off your work without asking the team to stop working.

Good for Enterprise

A fully open source hosting system can run on any Linux machine, in any environment.

  • Built with Drupal makes integration with any other system easy.
  • Cloud workflow processes in private data centers.
  • Minimal configuration is needed, your servers are fully customizable.